Residential and Office Building Linz

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Three-family house Munich Moosach

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Solar Shading, Daylighting, Natural Ventilation and Energy Generation

It is an aspiration of mankind to capture the sun. While it has lost its mysticism, its essential importance to us has not diminished and plays an important role in the interaction of man and environment.
For us building users the sun is not a static element. Not only does it change its position during the day, also the portions of supplies for light and heat differ vastly. In addition seasonal changes have to be considered. That includes cooling during summer and heating requirements in winter – with significant displacements due to varying degrees of latitude and in consideration of climate regions.

The synergy between aesthetic building planning and functioning object that fulfills all needs of the user regarding comfort and safety and that helps to distribute energy flows optimally is what we as RMG focus on.

RMG Façade Technologies develops solutions which are tailored to the needs of every individual object in cooperation with you. We realize solutions for you at highest level.